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How to Sandblast a House

Are you looking at sandblasting your house in Phoenix?
-Here’s what you need to know-
Miracle Maintenance receives numerous calls about a homeowner wanting to sandblast their home in Phoenix.
Sandblasting is a term that most people will recognize and use to describe

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How To Clean Pool Tiles

A swimming pool in the house can be everyone’s favorite spot. It’s where the children splash and play their favorite inflatables, while the poolside can be a soothing area where you can read a book. Don’t be surprised if guests

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What Is a Good Psi for a Pressure Washer

The PSI (pounds per square inch) of a pressure washer is vital while using it.
The measurement used to check the water pressure of a pressure washer is called PSI (pounds per square inch). The chemical bond between the stain and

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What Is Soda Blasting

Soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a gentler medium than glass beads or sand, and it is considerably milder on delicate parts like carburetors and aluminum castings. While removing light rust from softer materials is more straightforward, it is less effective on

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How to Pressure Wash a House

One of the most useful time-saving tools to emerge in recent years is a pressure washer. Cleans dirt, grime, and chalking paint from otherwise sound painted surfaces with its high-velocity water spray. Pressure washers are popular among professionals not just

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Phoenix Sandblaster

Sandblasting is a prevalent technique used for cleaning various home and building surfaces effectively. It is popular, especially among homeowners and artisans who frequently utilize this method for multiple reasons. And while it is famous for cleaning and preparation purposes,

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Graffiti Removal Phoenix Arizona

Miracle Maintenance Inc. Specializes in
Graffiti Removal Services
Graffiti vandalism is a persistent issue in nearly every community, causing significant loss in property values, elevated concerns for public safety, and increased potential for future crime. The State of Arizona, particularly the City

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Corona Virus Clean Up Covid19

The world is currently facing a common challenge: how can we quickly sanitize an area and prevent the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19)?
The traditional method – the use wipes and other over the counter cleaning

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Arizona Sanitation Services


Coronavirus Sanitation & Clean up
Steam cleaning is a method used to sanitize and disinfect surfaces, which will help to combat the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). There are many essential benefits associated with using professional steam cleaning

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Commercial Pressure Washer Scottsdale Roof Cleaning

Power washing also known as pressure washing.
All power washing units will have the same basic set up and the more one invests, the more options that are available.
Pressure washers can provide 1500 psi all the way up to 8000 psi. 

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