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Log Cabin Restoration

We see many log cabins throughout the state of Arizona as we provide free quotes for maintenance and log cabin restoration. The first thing we always notice is the lack of ongoing care and regular maintenance. In most cases, the

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Log Cabin Home Restoration Arizona

You bought a great log cabin and you want to keep it looking new. Log cabins require regular maintenance and attention in order to keep the wood pristine. It’s no different than a regular home, as they need painting from

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Phoenix Sandblaster

How Does a Sandblaster Work?

Sandblasters come in three types, but they all follow the same principle. They clean and abrade surfaces, particularly metal, by using the abrasive abilities of finely ground silica sand. Sandblasters come in handy for removing paint,

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Commercial Pressure Wash

Using a pressure washing service or your own power washer to clean the siding on your house is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have. Getting to see the immediate results and the stark contrast between the areas

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Graffiti Removal Tags in Phoenix

Graffiti Removal Phoenix Graffiti is the most common type of residential and commercial vandalism according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of that, about 80% of graffiti is ‘tagger’ with another 5% being ‘pieces’ or large visual art. Another 10%

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Graffiti Vandalism Removal

Graffiti Removal Strategies and Techniques
Although there are a handful of talented graffiti artists in the world, it seems like 99% of the time, graffiti is just plain vandalism. If your property falls prey to somebody’s “tag”, here’s what you should

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