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Can Miracle Maintenance soda blast my Fountain and make it look new again?

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25 Tue 2022 blackbox Comments: 0

The short answer is yes…but allow me to educate you on the process of media blasting/soda blasting.

Bottom line, the water in Arizona is “very hard” which means that fountains, pools, and  other water features develop a calcium buildup over time.  Monsoon rains can raise your pool water level and as it evaporates and lowers back to its natural level, the pool tiles can be left with a calcium buildup or a white pool ring.  As a fountain runs and goes through its cycle, the water will splash around onto the various sections of the fountain and surround area.  As the water evaporates, it will gradually build up white calcium look.

Fountain Cleanup

Using the appropriate media, we will blast off the calcium and restore the pool tile, Saltillo Tile to its natural look, bringing back the vibrant color and beauty that was once on display.

Miracle Maintenance has restored hundreds of fountains over the past twenty years.  Finding a company that is familiar with pool ring removal and fountain restoration is critical.  A company with the proper amount of experience will know which type of media to use that will remove the calcium build up without damaging the tile.  If a company uses the wrong media on your glass tile on your pool, there is a good chance they will end up scratching the tile and once that happens, the tile is forever damaged, and you will be forced to live with the scratched tile or replace it.

Please contact Miracle Maintenance for a free estimate and allow us to walk you through the process of returning your fountain to its original beauty.  Please visit our website at miraclemaintenance.com or call us at 602-689-9049.

25 Tue 2022 blackbox