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Graffiti Busters | Phoenix Graffiti Removal Program Details

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The Phoenix Graffiti Busters

phoenix-gange-graffitti-wall-tagThe popularity of graffiti in urban areas is a growing problem. Graffiti is a way that gang members mark their territories and communicate with each other, sending the message to the community that their neighborhood suffers from a heavy gang presence. Additionally, graffiti ruins the image of a business or property. Removing graffiti is costly and can be a tedious process.

That’s why the city launched the Graffiti Busters Program. This Phoenix graffiti removal program allows the community to take back its neighborhood by eradicating graffiti quickly and effectively. By removing graffiti in a timely manner, taggers and gang members are discouraged to reappear. The quick removal of unsightly graffiti allows communities to keep their neighborhoods safe and visually attractive.

What Are the Program’s Goals?

  • To enhance the quality of life of community members by improving the appearance of their neighborhood
  • To allow community members to feel safe and secure
  • To encourage a zero tolerance approach to graffiti
  • To allow businesses to thrive since graffiti impacts business

In order to keep our community safe and free of graffiti, fill out a graffiti permission slip.

Who Are the Graffiti Busters

graffiti-removal-wall-after-pictureThe Graffiti Busters crew quickly removes graffiti that has been reported by members of the community. They work with various private and public agencies in order to restore the appearance and safety of the community. The Graffiti Busters crew removes graffiti quickly and effectively for free.

In order for the Graffiti Busters to do their job, they must receive reports of graffiti from property owners or other responsible parties in the form of a permission slip.Permission slips in Spanish are available as well.

Learn more about the Graffiti Busters with our coloring book: The Adventures of Graffiti Busters (English) or Las Aventuras de Graffiti Buster (Spanish).

In the city of Phoenix, it is illegal to sell broad-tipped markers or spray paint to anyone who is under the age of 18. Business owners have the responsibility to keep these items in a section of the store that requires the assistance of an employee in order to access them.

Graffiti Reward Tip Line

If you possess any information regarding the identification of a graffiti vandal, we encourage you to call the Graffiti Reward Tip Line at 602-262-7327. Your identity will be kept anonymous and you may earn a reward tip of up to $500!

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