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3 Tue 2017 Brent Orm Comments: 0

Graffiti Removal Phoenix Graffiti is the most common type of residential and commercial vandalism according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of that, about 80% of graffiti is ‘tagger’ with another 5% being ‘pieces’ or large visual art. Another 10% is estimated to be from gangs.

Graffiti clean up costs municipalities millions of dollars a year. Phoenix spends about $6 million a year in graffiti cleanup.

The map below shows vandalism activity in the phoenix metro area.

graffiti removal services

(source: http://www.raidsonline.com/)

Graffiti Removal Services – Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe – Entire metro area.

Our experienced graffiti removal service teams can steam clean, pressure wash and sand/soda blast graffiti at any location in the entire Phoenix metro area and also state wide. Call us today for a free quote.


It’s important to remove graffiti right away.

Graffiti removal in the Phoenix area is a common occurrence and can be very frustrating for a home owner or a commercial property owner. Graffiti diminishes the appeal of your property and can keep customers from entering your business.

At Miracle Maintenance, our teams can quickly remove graffiti and bring your property back to its pristine condition. Removing graffiti quickly keeps taggers from coming back.

There are a number of ways to remove graffiti depending on the material used and the kind of surface to where it was applied. We can remove almost all kinds of graffiti from just about any surface. These graffiti vandals often change the kinds of paints they use. At Miracle Maintenance, through our 20 years experience, purchasing the newest technology and training, we stay a step or two ahead of these taggers.

Its extremely important to remove graffiti right away to ensure the vandals don’t return to add more to their initial tag.

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We offer residential graffiti removal services and pressure washing to all areas of Arizona.   Call us for small or large jobs. We offer commercial graffiti removal services throughout Arizona. Call us for graffiti removal and steam cleaning pressure wash.
Call us today for a free quote! Call us today for a free quote!
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3 Tue 2017 Brent Orm