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Graffiti Removal Phoenix Arizona

Graffiti Removal Services

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24 Mon 2020 Brent Orm Comments: 0

Miracle Maintenance Inc. Specializes in

Graffiti Removal Services


Graffiti vandalism is a persistent issue in nearly every community, causing significant loss in property values, elevated concerns for public safety, and increased potential for future crime. The State of Arizona, particularly the City of Phoenix and other metropolitan areas, has recently seen a higher prevalence of graffiti-related crimes, casting a negative perception onto these communities. Although simply painting over graffiti seems to present a quick solution, failure to use the correct materials and techniques will leave visible outlines of the markings, causing surfaces to become uneven and much more difficult to maintain. An effective graffiti removal job completely removes the markings while restoring the surface to its original condition.  Miracle Maintenance has thorough experience in the restoration of many different types of surfaces through a number of professional removal methods.

Jose graffiti removal services before
jose graffiti removal services after

Block and Brick Walls

Soda blasting, using sodium bicarbonate or a similar abrasive chemical, removes the spray paint without damaging the base material. The effectiveness of chemical graffiti removal is dependent on several factors, which work together to produce optimal results.

  • The proper usage of a quality stripping chemical
  • The correct temperatures: An industrial pressure washer uses hot water to melt the spray paint, removing the graffiti without damaging the block or brick underneath.
  • The correct pressure: Lower pressures are effective in removing graffiti markings, allowing the heat to melt the spray paint after it has been softened by the chemical.

Painted Surface

The following steps are essential in completely covering graffiti markings, eliminating the potential of visible outlines and/or uneven paint coloring:

  • A primer coat on the graffiti spot avoids the possibility of any noticeable shadows and outlines.
  • Finding the exact color match of the existing paint
  • Execution of precise blending techniques, erasing any remaining traces of the graffiti and ensuring consistent coloring of the entire surface

For further information on professional graffiti removal services in Phoenix, as well as the surrounding areas, please visit miraclemaintenance.com or call (602)-689-9049 to speak with a specialist.

24 Mon 2020 Brent Orm