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8 Mon 2019 Brent Orm Comments: 0

Although many people are able to recognize the term “sandblasting,” few are even aware that this term is outdated – a reputable blasting company will not use sand due to various health risks and regulations. This method is more accurately deemed “media blasting,” in which a pressurized blasting pot is used to control the force and quantity of media that comes out of the blasting hose.

There are a variety of media that can be utilize. Which is dependent on the nature of each individual job. Some common types of media include baking soda, crushed glass bottles, walnut shells, and copper slag. All which have been ground up into a granular form. The proper medium is prefer based on the desired result. Copper slag, for instance, is apply to remove rust from metal. While walnut is make use of to remove stain from wood.

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Media blasting services by Miracle Maintenance in Phoenix, are accomplish to wide range of unique jobs, including:

  • Graffiti Removal Baking soda and glass are the best mediums to use on surfaces such as unpainted block and brick walls.
  • Paint Removal – Miracle Maintenance will remove failing paint from metal, cement, or wood to prep the surface for new paint.  We can also remove garage floor epoxy/painted coatings. As well as removing paint from a log cabin to expose the natural wood.
  • Pool Rings and Fountains – Glass and soda are commonly used to remove hard water stains and rings. For swimming pool tile cleaning and water features.
  • Stain/Water Spot Removal – The use of walnut or glass restores a wood surface to its natural state.
  • Cement Texturing Miracle Maintenance will blast a cement surface to achieve the desired texture, and can also use a template to outline lettering or a design.
  • Metal Rust – In Phoenix, media blasting will restore a metal surface.
  • Log Cabin Restoration Wood will become weathered and the stain will fail if a log cabin’s exterior is not properly maintained.

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8 Mon 2019 Brent Orm