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Media Blasting vs Sandblasting Phoenix

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16 Mon 2019 Phoenix Services Comments: 0

Do you need Sandblasting Services?

The Sandblasting work in Phoenix Arizona has been busy over the past couple of months.

I receive calls from various different customers who wants a particular result: They may want to remove graffiti from a wall, They may want to remove the pool ring from a pool, They may want to remove the smoke damage from my house after a fire, etc.

Sandblasting vs Media blasting. Know the DIFFERENCE!

The way to achieve these types of results is typically through media blasting. Most people would refer to the service as sand blasting. Due to regulations and overall health concerns, companies should not use sand. There are many options for media blasting; we can use crushed glass, crushed walnut shells, soda, garnet, etc. These media options offer better results without the health risk.

Recent Phoenix Media Blasting Project we’ve done

In the past couple of months, we have worked for the following organizations:

  • State Farm Stadium – Home of the Arizona Cardinal NFL football team. We were hired to remove rust from the I Beams that support the field. Using Cooper slag, we provided a surface in which the painter could apply a rust inhibitor.
  • Church of the Beatitudes. We were brought in by Redden Constructions to remove the brown stain from the tongue and groove wood located on the ceiling of the large room in which church services are held. Using crushed glass media, we removed the old stain and left the wood looking bare and brand new. By removing the dark stain, it brightened up the room tremendously and actually made the room seem larger.
  • Multiple graffiti spots. When graffiti is placed on a bare block wall, the best way to remove the graffiti is through media blasting using either soda or crushed glass. Typically, pressure washing will not be able to clean the pores of a bare block wall without severely scratching the block.
  • Pool Ring: Calcium build up on pool rings and fountains can only be removed by blasting using crushed glass. Using low pressure and the appropriate media, we can gently remove the calcium from the surface without scratching it.

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16 Mon 2019 Phoenix Services