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Sandblasting Phoenix AZ phoenix-pressure-washers-sand-blasting-brick-wallIf your home, business, or vehicle needs to be smoothed or cleaned, we are the place for you!

At Miracle Maintenance, we promise to always give you fast, reliable, and genuinely outstanding sandblasting services. From houses to boats to cars, our services cannot be beaten, and we have both C-5 residential and L-5 commercial specialty licenses for sandblasting in Phoenix AZ and Nearby Cities. Our expert sandblasters will carefully choose what services are right for you, and they can work on many surfaces, including metal, wood, concrete, brick, and block.

What sets us apart?

It may seem that sandblasting equipment is simple; the sand and air are mixed in a chamber, and the mixture is directed toward the object in question, thoroughly cleaning it. However, our expert sandblasters are on hand to choose the nozzle in the correct size, shape, and material to suit your unique needs. For example, we have found that tungsten carbide should line the nozzle for mineral abrasives. While silicon carbide or boron carbide are better for harder abrasives such as aluminum oxide. Our employees know exactly what the best sandblaster is for your project, and we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. We truly offer an unbeatable service.

Residential SandBlasting Services Phoenix

In the Phoenix Valley, the hot sun will cause paint to peel. And then we will step in to keep your home attractive and protected from damage. Generally, Miracle Maintenance can remove the paint on an average-size home in one day. However, a variety of factors may shorten or lengthen the project, including the presence of a rubber undercoating and the size and shape of the house. While we’re there, we’ll take a look at your pool. We can sandblast a pool as efficiently as we can your home. Keep in mind, our estimates have no cost!

Commercial and Cosmetic Services

Just as we do for residential homes, we will remove paint coats from businesses if our service is needed. But we can also restore the original block or brick veneer by sandblasting. Thus eliminating maintenance costs on a building’s exterior. Furthermore, we can sandblast wood beams on the interior of properties, to make them more visible and attractive. Our experienced staff can also sandblast materials off of block walls, and remove mill marks and strap marks from wood. We work hard to ensure an attractive, even finish to our work. Whether we are working on new buildings or old ones.
As well as these services, Miracle Maintenance can remove concrete for surface preparation. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with our work.

Vehicle care

Sandblasting Phoenix AZ boats is a large part of our business, because if a boat’s bottom coat has deteriorated, serious damage can be done if no action is taken. Sandblasting or Phoenix soda blasting will prepare the surface and ensure that the new layer of paint thoroughly coats the boat, and that the coating remains strongly bonded to the vessel. Remember, our estimates are completely free – why risk your boat when we are only a phone call away?
Semi-trailer trucks may also require our services. Before refinishing, make sure that your last layer of paint is completely gone. Depending on how many layers of paint there are, we can clear your car for a new layer of paint very quickly!