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Swimming Pool Tile Clean Up

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2 Tue 2016 Brent Orm Comments: 0

When high levels of Calcium (and Magnesium and other minerals) in your pool water, they begin to deposit and scale on the sides of the pool. A water hardness test (aka Calcium Hardness test) can determine how many parts per million (ppm) of these minerals are in your pool. An ideal pool has 200 to 300 ppm of Calcium Hardness. When a pool is first filled with water, it normally has low levels of calcium. When water evaporates, you lose water but the minerals and old chemicals stay in the pool and the ppm of calcium hardness increases.

In parts of the country, like Arizona, where the city water out of the tap has between 200 and 600 ppm of Calcium and where air temperatures result in high evaporation rates, your pools calcium hardness will increase by 200 to 800 ppm every year! Since those nasty white rings can start appearing as Calcium levels go above 500 ppm, it can take less than a year for a white ring to start forming.

Water Fountain Before – Glass bead tile cleaning



Pool Tile Cleaning

Glass bead tile cleaning

Glass bead tile cleaning is a system that was developed to remove calcium deposits from your pool surface quickly and inexpensively. Tiny glass beads are propelled against the calcium deposits while under pressure, thus pulverizing the calcium deposits without harming the delicate tile or rock surface with light sand blasting Phoenix AZ. The process can remove calcium from tile, rock, glass and Pebbletec surfaces. The process does not use any harsh chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

Can bead blasting etch my tile?

We are often asked that question and yes, it can cause etching if you are not experienced in the technique.  We keep our PSI at a lower level (around 40 PSI) which takes the calcium and other deposits off the tile but leaves the tile in perfect condition.  Using this pressure washing level, there is no damage at all.  (see image below)

What are the Advantages of glass bead tile cleaning

  • Fast, effective, affordable
  • Won’t harm tile or rock surfaces
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No scrubbing
  • Quick application
  • Works on tile, rock, Pebbletec and other surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly, swim right after treatment
  • Amazing results versus other methods

Glass bead Blasting vs. Chemicals

  • No harmful residue
  • Swim immediately
  • Quick application
  • Less effort
  • Better results (see image below)


  • Have you ever scrubbed tile, it sucks and takes forever
  • Doesn’t clean all the calcium off the tile
  • Difficult to get good results on porous tile

bead blasting process vs. DIY

No matter how hard you try, in the life of your pool it will develop a calcium build up on the tile surface.  As this is inevitable, the question is how to effectively clean calcium off your pool tile surface.  Often times the answer is to use a pool block (stone).

pool tile cleaning

What is a pool stone? (Pumice stone)

This is generally a pumice stone and can come in a number of sizes.  They cost anywhere from $5.00-$15.00 depending on their size and actual make up.  They must also be ‘prepared’ prior to use.  That is, the stone must be saturated with water prior to use.

This is an expensive way to clean your tile but also consider the downside.  It takes a long time.  Plan on over 6 hours for the average pool.  It also takes a lot of physical effort…lots of scrubbing.  Another disadvantage to using a pumice stone to clean your pool is the chance of scratching your tile.  Finally, plan on taking some extra time to clean the pumice debris from your pool.  As you scrub, fine pieces of the stone will come off and drift to the bottom of your pool.  Although an inexpensive method, we don’t find many of our customers that have been happy using this method.  Wouldn’t you rather make a phone call, have us come and be swimming just a couple hours later?

calcium build up on Pool Before Glass Bead Blasting




Consider Miracle Maintenance to come out and perform glass bead blasting to clean your tiles Our team will come to your property, measure your pool and then charge you based on a price per linear foot basis. You will need to lower the pool water about 6 inches from the tile line prior to our process. We will blast the tile removing all of the calcium and suntan oil, grime and then finish off with a sealant. the last step will be to vacuum the bead from the bottom of your pool, leaving your pool and tile looking brand new.

Please call us today to schedule a free estimate and to find out more about the process.

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