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Springtime Log Cabin Inspection

Springtime Log Cabin Inspection

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24 Thu 2022 Brent Orm Comments: 0

Springtime means it’s time to inspect your cabin

In Arizona, most of our cabin work takes place at higher elevations, which means it’s springtime and the weather is starting to warm up.  Warm weather is the perfect time to inspect the wood in your cabin.

It’s a great time to wash your cabin and see how the stain is holding up.  Stain is the “suntan lotion” for your wood and the wood on your cabin should be treated the same way as your child when they go swimming.  Just like lotion, the stain should be applied frequently to protect the wood.

As you wash off the pollen and dirt from your cabin, take note of how the water comes off of your wood.  Does it soak into the wood or bead up on the wood?  If you notice that the water is soaking into the wood, this is a sign that the stain is failing.

Look at the wall that receives the most sun…is the upper part of the wood/log turning a darker color?  This is a sign that the stain is failing.  Water/moister has penetrated behind the stain and the sun has baked the water/moister and turned the wood black.

Is the stain starting to flake or peel?….this could be another sign that your stain is failing.

Do you notice more cracks in your logs or are the cracks in the logs getting bigger?  A crack in a log is called a check.  As water seeps into these checks during the Winter; the water freezes and expands, causing the checks to grow larger in size over time.

Get your log cabin inspection from a professional.

By taking a close look at the wood on your cabin on an annual basis, you can identify some issues early on and they can be easily fixed.  Miracle Maintenance will inspect your cabin for free and provide you with a free estimate.

Miracle Maintenance has restored over 300 cabins in Arizona.  Please visit our website at miraclemaintenance.com or call Brent (owner) at 602-689-9049 to set up a free consultation.

24 Thu 2022 Brent Orm