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Graffiti Removal Tags in Phoenix

Tips on Removing Graffiti Vandalism

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11 Sat 2017 Phoenix Services Comments: 0

Tips on Removing Graffiti

In addition to being a frustrating issue, graffiti can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Extra care must be taken to preserve the integrity of the surface while removing graffiti. One of the best ways to deal with graffiti is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Tips for Preventing Graffiti

Graffiti Removal Tags in Phoenix

Graffiti Removal Tags in Phoenix

Although graffiti is impossible to prevent entirely, there are several steps you can take to help reduce your chance of getting vandalized. An excellent way to limit vandalism is by setting up your landscaping properly. When planning your surroundings, instruct your landscaping crew to position vegetation along the building to discourage vandals from easily accessing the exterior of the building.

Make sure your lease-holders understand  the importance of notifying law enforcement if they notice graffiti or vandals. Graffiti that is not attended to invites more vandals and crimes to take place.

Dealing With Graffiti

It is crucial to remove graffiti quickly and carefully in order to preserve the surface that was vandalized. Be sure that your maintenance crews are trained in the proper removal of graffiti as outlined in the three steps below.

1. Determine The Surface Material

A variety of surfaces – stone, brick, concrete, pavement, wood, glass, aluminum siding, utility boxes, poles, bus shelters, street signs – can be vandalized. The type of surface will dictate the type of treatment applied.

2. Determine The Substance Used

Although spray paint is the most common substance for completing graffiti, vandals use a host of other substances as well including stickers, etching tools, shoe polish, lipstick, and more.

Identifying the substance used is a crucial step in treating the vandalism properly. Each substance requires a specific method of removal in order to be the most effective.

3. Be Familiar With the Preferred Removal Methods

Graffiti is often addressed through three methods: painting over it, applying chemical removers, or pressure washing. Pressure washing is only effective on a few surfaces, paint can cause issues with shade matching, and chemical solvent are unable to be applied to certain buildings.

Following is a list of common surfaces and environmentally-friendly treatment methods for addressing graffiti:

  • Aluminum siding – It is best to use specific anti-graffiti solvents followed by rinsing with water.
  • Glass – Take a razor blade to scrape off the substance or use an anti-graffiti solvent.
  • Masonry – Treat this surface with anti-graffiti solvents and rinse with a low-pressure power wash. More stubborn stains may require soda or sand blasting.
  • Metal – Apply an anti-graffiti remover and power wash.
  • Pavement – Apply an anti-graffiti solvent followed by a pressure wash.
  • Stucco – Painting over the graffiti is most likely the best option in this case.
  • Vinyl siding – Use an anti-graffiti solvent (be careful as it may damage vinyl coating), apply primer, and paint over.
  • Wood – Mineral spirits can be used on unpainted wood or it can be pressure washed, sanded, and repainted.

How to Lower the Cost of Cleanup

Removing graffiti within the first day it occurs can make the removal attempt more effective. The less time a vandalism substance has to dry, the easier it will be to remove successfully. Consider having a contract with a Phoenix graffiti removal company to ensure a quick cleanup for any vandalism.

11 Sat 2017 Phoenix Services