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Commercial Pressure Washer Scottsdale

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25 Wed 2019 Phoenix Services Comments: 0

Power washing also known as pressure washing.

All power washing units will have the same basic set up and the more one invests, the more options that are available.

Pressure washers can provide 1500 psi all the way up to 8000 psi.  Most of the commercial pressure washing jobs can be completed with a pressure washer in Scottsdale that has 2000 to 2500 PSI.  Too much pressure could result in damaging the surface.

For example, if one uses too much pressure to remove a piece of gum, they will leave a permanent scratch mark on the walkway.  The gum is gone, but a permanent scratch is now on the concrete forever.

Commercial pressure washing wand

The water will travel down the pressure washing hose to the pressure washing wand.  The wand will have a trigger to turn the water on and off.  Squeeze the trigger to engage the water and release the trigger to turn the water flow off.

At the end of the pressure washing wand you will have the option to use different types of tips to adjust the water flow.  The tips will adjust the fan of the water from a 40-degree tip down to a 0 degree tip.  Depending on the job at hand you will adjust the tip accordingly.

  • Water Flow – On larger commercial units, it will state 4 Gallons per minute on up to 8 Gallons per minute.  More water flow is helpful when you need to push large amounts of water.
  • Heated Water – Commercial units could have the ability to heat the water by having the water pass over hot coils before it flows down the pressure washing hose.  Water can be heated up to over 200 degrees.  Overall hot water all ways cleans better than cold water.

To achieve maximum cleaning result, one needs to combine hot water, cleaning chemical, and the right amount of pressure.  In my experience the hot water and chemical are the two most important agreements.

Commercial Pressure Washer Scottsdale

In Scottsdale, we use a commercial trailer mounted pressure washer to clean Harkins Theaters, Chic filet Restaurants. As well as Office Complexes, Apartment complexes, parking garages and many more services.

Please call Miracle Maintenance for your next pressure washing job @ 602-689-9049

25 Wed 2019 Phoenix Services