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How to Sandblast a House

How to Sandblast a House

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18 Tue 2022 Brent Orm Comments: 0

Are you looking at sandblasting your house in Phoenix?

-Here’s what you need to know-

Miracle Maintenance receives numerous calls about a homeowner wanting to sandblast their home in Phoenix.

Sandblasting is a term that most people will recognize and use to describe the service that they desire.  Reputable blasting companies do not use sand due to the presence of silica.  Breathing in silica is not only hazardous to your health but also illegal for a blasting company to use sand.  The term that more accurately describes our process is media blasting.  Media is the general term used to describe what material is used during the blasting process.  The more popular types of media are crushed glass, walnut, soda, copper slag, garnet, and green diamond.  Many factors will ultimately determine which type of media will be used to achieve the desired result.

The first question that I will ask is what type of surface you are wanting to blast and what type of results do you wish to achieve.

Many homeowners want to remove paint from the exterior block of their homes.  First, we will need to determine what type of brick or block is underneath the paint.  A red brick house needs to be handled differently than a gray blockhouse.  Redbrick will require a more “delicate” approach.  Redbrick is “softer” than your typical gray block.

Sandblasting on ConcreteIf there are numerous layers of paint, we may need to look at providing a two-step process.

  • Step 1. Apply a stripping agent and use a hot water pressure washer to remove a majority of the paint
  • Step 2. Using the appropriate media, we will blast the block/brick to remove the rest of the paint to provide a consistent and even look.

Exterior wood on a patio or front entrance is another popular request.  Through the blasting process, we can remove old paint or stain and bring a brand-new look to these areas.  Typically, we will use walnut or crushed glass on wood surfaces.

Many homeowners want to blast the interior areas of their homes.  We have brightened up the tongue and groove ceilings in a living room, blasted large beams that run along with the ceiling, and we have blasted interior walls.  As you can imagine, blasting inside is a messy process and should be done in the early stages of your restoration project.

Finally, experience does matter.  Miracle Maintenance has been in business since 1998 and has completed thousands of projects thought out the valley.  Miracle Maintenance would be happy to meet you at your home to discuss your project.  Please contact us directly at 602-689-9049 or visit us at miraclemaintenance.com.

18 Tue 2022 Brent Orm